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Origin, Season 9, Episode 3


Origin is a direct continuation from the two-part season opener, Avalon, wherein we were first introduced to Ben Browder as SG-1's new leader, Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Originally intended to be a stand-alone episode, executive producer Robert C. Cooper says in the Season 9 companion book that it just wasn't possible to conclude the opening story at the end of Avalon:

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Avalon, Parts 1 and 2: Season 9, Episodes 1 and 2

 The first time I sat down to watch Avalon, I must confess I was slightly dubious. I had spent eight seasons getting to know Richard Dean Anderson's character Jack O'Neill, and I was a little sad that he was leaving. Until Ben Browder as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell strode into the Gateroom in full blue Air Force dress uniform and crouched down to touch the Stargate in silent reverence, his eyes reflecting a solemnity, awe and haunted memories even before the flashbacks were shown to establish him as the hero of the Battle of Antarctica.
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Who Is Lt. Col. Cameron "Camshaft" Mitchell?


In 2005, Stargate Command was forever changed. The former leader of Blue Squadron and hero of the Battle of Antarctica against the forces of Anubis - the man who protected SG-1, sacrificing himself and breaking his back and legs in the process, who almost became a quadriplegic, yet made a miraculous recovery - Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, was given command of the elite team SG-1

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Rita Lewis
Im so pleased we're getting your critique and analysis of Ben's Stargate character who has been seriously ignored.
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 03:41
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