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Durka Returns: Series 1, Episode 15


Elvis and Chiana arrive on Moya with a Wraith-- what's left of the Durka of the Zelbinion who tortured Rygel for over 150 years. We meet a dangerous new set of aliens, the Nebari, who so believe in conformity and utmost peace through the inability to commit violence that they tortured/brainwashed Durka for 100 years supposedly creating an obedient servant out of a madman. The ends justify the means. And Rygel wants revenge.

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We're So Screwed, A Trilogy


We're So Screwed (as the trilogy was named in the United States but not in the United Kingdom) deals with the rescue of Aeryn Sun, the re-appearance of Harvey and the subsequent rescue of Scorpius; all from a hidden Scarren base called Katratzi. There are major surprises in store regarding what makes the Scarren empire successful and a questionable strategy by John Crichton used to keep him and his shipmates safe during this perilous undertaking.

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