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Bad Guys: Series 10, Episode 16


Bad Guys is a terrific episode with a story inspired by an idea pitched by Ben himself, who received "story credit" for his concept.

SG-1 (with the exception of Samantha, who is visiting the President of the United States) is looking for the Clava Thessara Infinitas (aka the "Key to Infinite Treasure," and thought to be the "key" to finding a stash of weapons left behind by the Ancients). They walk through the Stargate and quickly realize they're in a museum.

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Back And Back And Back To the Future: Series 1, Episode 5


When Farscape first began filming episodes they followed the Australian method which entailed shooting two episodes at a time. This episode and Thank Goodness It's Friday Again were filmed together. Luckily for Ben and the rest of the cast and crew, the showrunners discovered that such a project plan did not work with Farscape due to its heavy reliance on CGI, puppetry and practical effects.

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Babylon: Series 9, Episode 8


Season 9's Babylon was a chance for Ben to show the deep strength of his character, Cameron Mitchell. Ben did the athletic stunts during both the training scenes, exercise scenes and final fight. He also gave a gorgeous performance detailing Cameron's faith and optimistic outlook.

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