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Outlaws And Angels


In 2016, Ben showed up in a very gory behind the scenes picture that was being shot in New Mexico by a small production company, JT Mollner's No Remake Pictures . This independent film turned out to be JT Mollner's "Outlaws and Angels" and we immediately rubbed our eyes at Ben's transformation. He had shaved his head and put on weight to play the character of George Tildon.

The character Ben plays is not his usual leading man role nor is it his standard bad guy role where he plays the pretty handsome guy who surprisingly is evil. This guy is revealed through the movie as really lousy and without redeeming characteristics. George is the head of a family of settlers in New Mexico around the middle of the 19th Century (the time is unclear). He is the preacher of a small church and at first seems to be a standup father who teaches his two daughters about the harshness of life on the high prairie. The bad guys are bank robbers who kill innocents while making their escape and definitely not this family who's mother is a very religious woman (we will learn just how religious during the film) and whose daughters are young teenagers, Madison Beatty and the lovely 15-year old Francesca Eastwood.

However, when the bank robbers take the Tildon’s hostage, things begin to unravel. Chad Michael Murray, the dynamic leader of the gang, turns out to have a soft spot for the older daughter, Florence Tildon (Francesca Eastwood). She turns to him to protect her from her family. George, it seems, likes to have his feet rubbed and other places rubbed by his daughters. Both have been subjected to his attentions to the point where he got his younger daughter pregnant and forced an abortion on her. Maybe it's the Stockholm Syndrome, but young Charlotte is in love with her father. George's wife, played by Terri Polo, is a religious fanatic who allows George to have his way with the girls.

George is also a coward, which is probably the thing that sets off the bank robbers and allows Chad Michael Murray's character to side with Flo.

The ensuing violence is weirdly justified due to the family's massive dysfunction and you begin rooting for the murdering bank robbers. There is also a posse after the robbers headed by Luke Owens who we think is a comic relief character until he meets Ada Tildon (Terri Polo) in full out insanity mode. Nobody is a good guy in this film.

Another View of Outlaws And Angels

A fascinating post from JT Mollner (No Remake Pictures) on his vision for the style of Outlaws and Angels as well as his goals as a filmmaker.

"Stylistic vision statement for "Outlaws and Angels":

Ideally I always wanted to have a creative trajectory in my career similar to Scorsese or Kubrick: meaning a stylistic stamp would always be there but I would never repeat myself thematically and I would traverse multiple genres. i.e. Goodfellas / Alice Doesn't Live here anymore; Eyes Wide Shut / Barry Lyndon....

With Outlaws, I knew I was going to work on a lower budget than at any other point in my career, so I wanted to take advantage and make sort of an outrageous film with exploitation aspects. It was heavily inspired by the early, claustrophobic Polanski films like Cul-De-Sac and Knife in the Water. I felt as though dressing it up as a western would give the controversial elements, even more, impact because audiences were so unaccustomed to seeing them in that genre. For the look, Matthew Irving (cinematographer) and I took McCabe and Mrs Miller as our jumping point - underexposing and beating up the physical celluloid to such a degree that it would look like and old photograph, as well as utilizing a 60-year-old, vintage Cooke zoom lens to accentuate the retro feel and allow me to move in and out of close-ups with ease during my signature long takes. " ...

JT Mollner (Writer / Director)

outlawsandangels dancing

The acting is riveting and I'm not sure how Ben was able to characterize this evil incestuous cowardly man, although the makeup must have helped. Please note that Ben's beautiful hair shaved off and the stubble on his thicker chins is real but the bushy mustache is makeup.

JT Mollner's movie (he was the writer/producer/director) won The Almeria Western Film Festival 2016 Grand Jury Award along with Francesca Eastwood's award for Best Actress. JT can't speak more highly of Ben and his amazing transformation.

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  • Ben Browder Network
  •   Monday, 19 June 2017
Prayer, Series 4, Episode 18
Mental As Anything: Series 4, Episode 15

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