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02 August 2017
: what a fantastic job reviewing these controversial episodes and explain to this Scaper why Ben pla...

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Guardians Of the Galaxy, Vol. 2


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Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 cranks up the characters to 11. I loved the film and how each one of the original Guardians has family issues, whether it's Peter Quill's daddy issues (which are pretty complex given that he discovers his real dad is a planet or Celestial Body played with scenery-chewing gusto by Kurt Russell) or Nebula and Gamora who really should settle their sisterly conflicts more quietly; or Rocket who is still quite traumatized by his creation.

Then there are the Sovereign, a race of beings grown from pods who are constantly trying to enhance themselves genetically (sounds like NAMTAR to me). One of the wonderful surprises when meeting the Sovereign is that the Admiral of their fleet of remote spaceships is none other than our friend, Ben Browder. Ben is quite regal in gold, including sadly his eyes. He voices his lines with Sir Lawrence Olivier-like beautiful British Standard tones (which he confirmed was his goal when queried by Angela Kinsey Dean).

What's so wonderful about how James Gunn created this sequel is how funny but poignant the whole thing was. Every time I thought it went over the top, there was some sort of purpose to Gunn's method. I cried and laughed and admit I clapped and annoyed folks around me when I saw Ben.

Gotta watch this again.

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Ben Browder in gold. The Sovereign were a society intent on bettering themselves through selective breeding. Ben plays a cameo role called The Admiral. I assume to become an Admiral in the Sovereign society you have to be pretty developed genetically. All of their spaceships were drones controlled virtually and The Admiral directed this computerized fleet. Ben's performance was very studied and British. Folks have been commenting on his accent, but mistakenly think it is the same pseudo-Aussie one that he used as John Crichton being the Sebecean Lieutenant. Ben has stated in an interview with Angela Kinsey Dean that he modeled the accent on that of Sir Lawrence Olivier. That's a very plummy British Standard upper-class accent. Which makes sense given the character.

Ben only had a few seconds of screen time but made quite an impression — enough for folks who didn't really know who he was to notice him. I'm hoping this leads to a more well-rounded appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.



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  • Ben Browder Network
  •   Friday, 16 June 2017
John Quixote Re-Watch
Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars

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