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Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars

PK Wars has a mixed review among Scapers with some complaining that there isn't enough character moments especially between the secondary characters. That it became the John and Aeryn show. Others adored the action and John and Aeryn story amidst the battles and Scorpius manipulations that lead to the use of the wormhole weapon.

Another major controversy was the character development of Sikozou. Raelee Hill has stated that she had no idea that Sikozou was going to be the spy. It upset her how many times her character changed from mercenary, to resistance fighter to bioloid and then to total Scarren turncoat. Huge anger among those fans who liked her relationship with Scorpius.

But I loved PK Wars even if it encapsulated 22 hours of television into three. The inventiveness of Rygel carrying John and Aeryn's baby, the many times John and Aeryn tried to marry only to finally get an appropriate quick Stykera blessing right before Aeryn gave birth in the water with John's help in the midst of a battle.

The love between John and Aeryn had finally matured to the point where they acted in sync yet were so relaxed with their similarities and differences that they were in balance. Aeryn can joke about a weird Sebecean name much to John's surprise and he can lay a chauvinist joke on her knowing she'll blow him off and he'll love her for it.

John is the peacemaker. He also has the power to destroy the universe after he goes to Einstein to gain full knowledge of wormhole technology. He also may finally be whole: gaining a wound in the process of traveling through that wormhole that leaves the same scar as TalynJohn.

John is still trying to act alone, taking the full burden of universal peace on his shoulders but Aeryn disabuses him of this idea: we protect each other. That statement along with John's plea to Pilot to build the wormhole device: it all begins with Family is the crux of Farscape's theme.

I am reading Jess Bettis book of essays about Farscape from a literary perspective and he points out that John Crichton is a sort of Jesus Figure, dying twice to save the universe. His coma after Einstein rips the technology out of his head is a kind of living death. I have always believed that John didn't loose the knowledge to predict and detect wormholes as well as travel through them because he figured that out himself. But Einstein took back the terrible power to use a wormhole to guide a planet into a star and collapse it into a black hole that can eat a galaxy. Nobody should have that power.

So what was Scorpius grinning about during the peace treaty signing? He looked like a cat who'd swallowed the cream. There's more to this story.

Meanwhile, the beautiful dedication of their son born during a war but dedicated to peace and named D'Argo Sun Crichton is a fitting end to this novel. Someday, I hope there will be more.

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  •   Friday, 16 June 2017
Guardians Of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Exodus From Genesis: Series 1, Episode 3

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