This comedic episode has the unique honor of allowing Ben and Claudia to perform together and the results are a lot of fun. Bounty posits that Vala is so bored on the base that she begs a reluctant Cameron Mitchell to allow her to go with him to his high school reunion in Kansas. He is literally pushed into this situation and the first place the non-couple go is to his parent's farm.

Vala charms Cam's parents with her description of her supposed relationship with Cameron that entails, "sex, sex, sex" with an appalled Cameron and an amused set of parents who I suspect read her like a book. She did adore the pie.

Next thing we know, Cameron and Vala and a high school buddy of Cameron's go to the school gym to help out with its decorating.

One digression, the reason that the episode is called Bounty is that the Lucian Alliance has put a bounty out on each member of the SG-1 team (who are scattered during down time with Daniel in England researching and Samantha back at SGC doing the same. The silliness of the episode is epitomized by the unlucky bounty hunter who goes after Daniel being hit by a bus before Daniel even knows he's a target. The toughest alien bounty hunter goes after Vala and Cameron.

Meanwhile, as the screenshot shows, Vala wears an outfit out of Beverly Hillbillies which is quite revealing which excited Cam's friend who proceeded to flirt with her. Cameron, on the other hand, runs into a high school sort of flame (the one that got away) named Amy. Ben is great at the pratfalls and fumbles of the smitten Cameron, including flipping over a folding chair.

Both Claudia and Ben have this great give and take, where Vala drives Cameron nuts with her forward behavior. Ben does a slow burn as Cameron who wants Vala to "behave," and Claudia vamps it up, down to the revealing little black dress she wears to the formal dance. Meanwhile, she catches wind of the Bounty hunter and uses the friend of Cameron as a mask to hunt him down while Cameron is able to contact SG-1. He does get to dance with Amy, which is cool.

The ending is anticlimactic for the bounty hunter as Tea'lc, Sam and Daniel ring down to the middle of the gym just as the bounty hunter has rounded up the guests. Of course, the entire secret SGC organization is revealed at that moment! No problem, there's a forget magic thingy like Men In Black use that allows the high school alumni and their guests to not remember the dramatic entrance of the team or their capture of the hunter.

The tag scenes are quite fun as Vala and her new boyfriend practice target shooting (with Vala winning handily while keeping her straw-filled mouth smiling and eyes tight on Cameron who is saying goodbye to Amy. I thought one of the sweetest scenes was the final one in the car. Claudia has a way of feeding Ben whenever they make appearances with fans. It's endearing and Ben seems to enjoy the close friendship between the actors as well. That comfortable friendship evidences itself in a similar fashion as Vala feeds Cameron pie she got from his mom. I've always wondered whether that was an ad-lib given that there was no way the showrunners would know of that habit between the two real-life friends.