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Bad Guys: Series 10, Episode 16


Bad Guys is a terrific episode with a story inspired by an idea pitched by Ben himself, who received "story credit" for his concept.

SG-1 (with the exception of Samantha, who is visiting the President of the United States) is looking for the Clava Thessara Infinitas (aka the "Key to Infinite Treasure," and thought to be the "key" to finding a stash of weapons left behind by the Ancients). They walk through the Stargate and quickly realize they're in a museum.

When Cameron goes to dial home, he discovers that the DHD is nothing more than a perfect, plastic replica! The team is now stranded. They try to stay out of sight but are soon discovered by the locals, who freak out when they see the strangers in their museum with weapons, mistaking them for terrorists. Soon Cameron and the team realize that the locals do not believe their explanation that they're actually just peaceful explorers, and upon learning that there are rebels on the planet, decide to go undercover as these same "rebels" and take "hostages" until they can find a way out of this mess. But things quickly go awry when the local authorities take the situation very seriously, and a paranoid, slightly idiotic security guard takes it upon himself to "rescue" the hostages. While Teal'c and Daniel keep an eye on their "hostages," Vala and Cameron team up and uncover a Goa'uld Naquadah bomb, which Vala says they can use to power the Stargate. Except she turns it on to Cameron's horror, and can't figure out how to turn it off. That's when things get interesting, and the pressure is on.

This episode (which was filmed in a school in Vancouver) has so many fun Abbott and Costello style scenes with Ben and Claudia Black, as an exasperated Cameron tries hard not to lose his temper and does a slow burn over Vala's scatter-brained antics. I absolutely loved seeing them paired in such a hilarious setting, and I also enjoyed seeing Michael Shanks lay on Daniel's stressed-out tirade at the female "hostages" who end up in a cat-fight over a man. It was so out of character for him, and simply priceless. It was wonderful to see SG-1 in such a unique setting. In previous episodes, they're either mistaken for gods walking through the Stargate, or almost immediately shot at. Here, it's a more normal setting, a civilization not unlike our own, reacting an awful lot like we, as Humans, probably would.

Series producer and writer Martin Gero in the Stargate SG-1 Season 10 Companion Book said: "Ben had come up with this great idea that we go to a museum. There's some sort of function there, we get stuck and they think we're terrorists...the bad guys. I really liked the idea and Ben didn't have any time to write it, being the lead in a television show. I came up with the Die Hard idea on top, so I wrote an outline and I showed it to Rob who really liked it."

Ben says of his involvement in the episode: "Basically I said, 'I think it's kind of interesting: we walk in to these places toting guns where people haven't seen anybody like this before and they kind of go, "Oh, hello soldiers." What if we walked into the Metropolitan Museum of Art carrying guns then said, 'We're aliens from another planet? What is George Bush going to say? That was my basic precept - for a minute, let's be realistic about this. These people come through a hoop and say they're aliens from a distant planet, and they're carrying weapons! One, we're going to take the weapons away if we can. Two, we're going to lock them away for a very long time and get them some help!"

Ultimately, even though he didn't specifically write the script, Ben's concept was truly brilliant, which is no surprise since he himself wrote two of perhaps the best episodes of Farscape, Green-Eyed Monster and John Quixote.


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  •   Friday, 09 June 2017
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