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Arthur's Mantle: Series 9, Episode 18


I get a kick out of this episode of Stargate due to the impossible nature of Cam and Sam's predicament. Sam is working on an artifact brought back from one of Merlin's planets to figure out what it does. Cameron, worrying about workaholic Sam's lack of meals, urges her to come and eat with him. As Sam pushes a button, both teammates are shifted into an alternate dimension. The fun, in the beginning, is twofold: Cam tests the reality of the alternate dimension by poking Sam and Sam immediately pokes him back.

Amanda and Ben have perfect timing and great chemistry. You get a poking contest between the two actors where Cameron gets increasingly anxious about being incorporeal. His whining as played by Ben balances with Amanda's calm seeking out of a solution. It starts as a comedy but changes halfway through to a tragedy when it's discovered that the Sodan village has been destroyed. Jolan, Cam's friend, is dead, killed by his own brother Volnek (the Sodan warrior originally believed to have been killed by Cam in Babylon), who has become a zombie monster after being inflicted with an illness by an Ori Prior. Cameron, in an impulsive gesture, goes through the gate in that alternate dimension not knowing if he really can survive.

The rest of the episode is a fight to destroy Volnek before he can harm anyone else. Haikon has been severely wounded; the destruction of the So Dan is a malicious and punishment for Haikon disobeying the Prior and refusing to murder defenseless villagers on another planet.

Meanwhile, Daniel (who also gets trapped with Sam while Cam is on the planet) is rapidly deciphering the text of Merlin's diary that is written in the alternate dimension. This leads to the discovery of the planet where the tool built by Merlin that can destroy Ascended beings such as the Ori resides.

Cam eventually discovers Teal'c can see and hear him while using the Sodan cloaking device, and the two battle Volnek, saving each other's lives just as Sam solves the mystery and returns herself, Daniel and Cam down on the planet to their own dimension.

In all, this is an episode where Ben gets to play comedy and athleticism.

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  •   Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Bad Kids Go To Hell (2014)
A Human Reaction: Series 1, Episode 16

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