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Unrealized Reality: Series 4, Episode 11

Einstein: (tonelessly) Time. (John just stares - and the man repeats the word louder- demanding an answer) Time.
John: Is up?
Einstein: Time?
John: Flies.
Einstein: Time.
John: Bandits.
Einstein: (intrigued) Time. (he begins moving towards John as the association game continues, faster)
John: Wounds all Heels.
Einstein: Time?
John: (singing loudly) Rosemary and thyme...
Einstein: Time! (John pulls his gun and fires from almost point-blank at the man’s head)
John: Is up! (but his pulse blast stops in mid-air a few inches from the face of his intended victim and hangs there, twisting. The man turns away. He seems disappointed)
Einstein: (toneless again) Time.

David Kemper wrote one of the MOST BRILLIANT scripts to explain a highly arcane subject: space/time and theoretical wormholes in English in a way that we can understand so that the rest of the season can progress. The script takes the idea of "talking heads" and creates a Greek chorus of John's past that shifts and changes illustrating just how dangerous it is to mess with time and wormholes.


Ben has a difficult role here as John Crichton lives through many unrealized realities, places and times that could be. John plays many roles: Peacekeeper Officer with a lear as he kills Sikozou who is a spy for the Scarrens, a Scarren/Human mixture from a world where the Scarrens conquered Earth and forbade space travel (and Scorpius is his dad), a place where Chiana/Aeryn are trapped on a version of Moya that is dying from an attack and a place where John Crichton is a traitor in league with Crais. That last place is one that is very very important in the future. Each one of these John Crichton is subtly different yet recognizable as John. Ben shifts each scenario while showing how scared John is getting regarding the damage he can do if he navigates a wormhole and lands BEFORE he left.

The Ancients, it seems are Narcs, preventing the bad guys from getting their hands on wormhole technology. The trouble is that the one named Jack because he took the form of John's father, gave John the hints needed for John to figure out (or begin to) how to call forth and navigate wormholes successfully. TalynJohn was even shown how to use one as a weapon. Einstein, the name John gave to the creature who captures him to teach him about wormholes, cannot live in our universe. The Ancients are gone and he wants John to act as protector until more Ancients can be born/grown/made. John is loathe to do this. Yet, he finally sees the dangers.

Somehow, in Different Destinations, Harvey knew how wormholes worked. How to fix an unrealized reality by adjusting the first thing that goes wonky.

In the end, John earns the right to go home. He is scared drenless about the damage he can do. He tells Einstein he wants that stuff removed from his head and Einstein says "eventually." The enormous amount of foretelling in this episode is amazing and it wasn't until PK Wars that all of the nuances of it came to pass. That is the wonder of Farscape.

John Crichton, "Dorothy Gale of Kansas," couldn't figure out what was home, exactly: Moya or Earth. Whoops.

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  •   Thursday, 22 June 2017
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