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Durka Returns: Series 1, Episode 15


Elvis and Chiana arrive on Moya with a Wraith-- what's left of the Durka of the Zelbinion who tortured Rygel for over 150 years. We meet a dangerous new set of aliens, the Nebari, who so believe in conformity and utmost peace through the inability to commit violence that they tortured/brainwashed Durka for 100 years supposedly creating an obedient servant out of a madman. The ends justify the means. And Rygel wants revenge.

Chiana wants freedom and a reprieve from the torture device that Salis/Elvis turns on liberally to supposedly teach Chiana obedience. John watches the behavior of the sadistic Salis and is appalled but helpless to intervene. Here's a culture that truly believes that the end justifies the means. It's another lesson in the unfairness of this universe John now inhabits.

Meanwhile, Rygel tries to put together a bomb and shags Durka in the maintenance bay hitting John too. It would have caused untold damage to John, Durka and Moya if Rygel knew how to actually build it correctly. But, its effect on Durka is startling: it may have broken the brainwashing.

John is pissed at Rygel for his selfishness until of course, the danger escalates as Chiana gets free and Salis gets dead and Durga takes Rygel and Aeryn hostage.

What's interesting about what develops in this episode is Gigi Edgely's take on Chiana as a young woman who uses her sexuality to get what she wants. She tries it on John who's not having any of it but Ben adds a sexuality of his own into the relationship and you get this wonderful dance between the two actors. They continue to evade each other's personal space yet John treats Chiana like a wayward younger sister and she responds slowly and gradually takes on a role protecting her adopted family. She never loses her wild child nature but for John, she'll do anything.

The upshot of the episode is that Rygel breaks Durka's bragging through a speech deflating Durka by revealing that Moya is pregnant and of no use to him. Durka is captured but makes a run for it. He leaps into the Nebari's ship which John has Pilot jettison, marooning Durka. We'll meet him again.

I love John and Chiana's relationship and how it grew over time. They are so similar -- lost risk takers who have huge capacities to love. They are loyal and able to create plans on the fly. So much like Olivia and John. Ben and Gigi have a mentor relationship filled with respect, trust and love. It shows on the screen and it started with this episode.

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  •   Tuesday, 04 July 2017
Farscape Re-Watch: Kansas
Collateral Damage: Season 9, Episode 12

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