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Die Me Dichotomy: Season 2, Episode 22


Die Me Dichotomy is the perfect double entendres title for this harrowing extreme cliffhanger to the second season of Farscape. David Kemper, Executive Producer, and writer of this episode that sees Harvey finally take over John Crichton body and soul despite the efforts of Aeryn and the crew to help him stop the madness. It sees Ben Browder play a distraught John who can't even pull the trigger of his pulse pistol to end his misery plus who is able to play John as Harvey and has Wayne Pygram's unique speech patterns and walk so down that they had to step back from the full Scorpius costume when a British fan magazine published Ben's photo rather than Wayne's for the episode. 

Aeryn seeks to stop the now compromised John from calling Scorpius while down in the Neurocluster and even declares her love for the first time to who she thinks is John, who then returns the favor and bashes her head in and then licks her face as Scorpius did to show affection to Natira on the Hidden Depository. Even Zhaan is deceived by Harvey/John and releases him after being attacked when she thought she was dealing with John. Harvey had him strictly under control as they began an atmospheric dog fight (thought up by fellow showrunner Ricky Manning) which lead to the ultimate defeat of Aeryn who had to bale from her failing prowler over an icy lake. Harvey's torture of John continues as he allows John release only to watch Aeryn drown as he called out amidst the pained screams of Moya's crew. Aeryn cried out to John that she hoped he remembered what she said in the Nneurocluster, but of course, he didn't. 

Claudia had a shock when getting ready for this dramatic scene when David Kemper climbed the very tall scaffolding that Claudia was to leap from just to tell her how proud he was of her performance this season. This slightly freaked Claudia out because Australian producers never appear on set during filming and certainly never chase an actress up on to the heights. Claudia made the high leap into a very muddy pool of water where visibility was difficult. She indicated she wanted rescuing when her arm lowered. It was a risky highly dramatic scene to film with Ben's anguished performance as a counterpoint to Claudia's frantically trying to save herself. In the end, John was recaptured and put in chains as a precaution during an emotionally strong funeral scene with gorgeous Gregorian chants and Zhaan officiating as a priestess. 

Rygel gave his prize belt of state and D'Argo gave his Qualta blade as Aeryn was laid to rest. David Kemper trusted Ben so much that he told him that the scene would be left without words to play and only an indication to Props that D'Argo should carry a knife. Ben did the fairy tale thing and cut a lock of Aeryn's hair but almost looked like he would slit his wrists in grief. 

The scene left me speechless between the highly emotional goodbyes in the foreground and especially Ben's face and eyes vs What was going on in the background between Jothee and Chiana which was setting up the start of Season 3 called Season of Death. 

The shocking cliffhanger occurs as Tocot promises to make John normal but is seemingly killed by Scorpius in revenge which leaves John strapped to the operating table mute and beyond angry as Scorpius walks away with the chip condemning John to a life of horror. 

The To Be Continued label appears on the screen over John's incoherent screams. Never has there been a more harrowing ending and months to wait until Ricky Manning's script for the first episode of Season 3, Sons and Lovers. 

Die Me Dichotomy deserves awards for writing, directing and Ben Browder's acting. It was a superior ending to a strong season where Farscape became its unique self.

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  •   Sunday, 09 July 2017
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