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Coup By Clam: Series 4, Episode 10


When I saw this Season 4 Farscape episode I knew it would be silly and weird given that Moya had just passed from "unknown space -- The UTs" to Tormented Space. Farscape didn't go in for technobabble even to the names of areas of space. These practical, descriptive names must have been the PK grunt names for the areas because they're sort of nonsensical. Anyway, Moya was sick from the multitude of wormholes in Tormented Space so they stopped at a planet that reputed to be able to install filters that allow safer passage.


The only problem was that the planet's leadership, a bunch of misogynistic men, were deathly afraid of Space Madness. All ship's personnel had to be tested for it. I think I mentioned somewhere that Crichton had a reputation as a major wimp about pain. We know this is to be a comic episode when D'Argo placed a bet that John would scream during the exam. That's really not fair since who knows whether humans aren't more sensitive to a laser light stuck up their nose by a guy John dubbed "Doc Snot" for his continual nasal drip. Barry Otto plays this Doc Tumi. A very fussy blackmailer.

Doc had given the Moyans a repast of his world famous Craytal Mollusks but did not tell the Moyans not to share the halves since the mollusks contain bacteria that needed to stay together. If two people, say John and Sikozou, each ate half, they'd experience the physical reactions of each other until they died.

Now the fun begins because there is a female terrorist cell who supplies Tumi with the mollusks and they refuse to give him more. He can't get his ransom and the crew of Moya gets sicker. Meanwhile, Noranti who is linked to D'Argo, discovers a liquid mixer that makes a perfect vibrator. Imagine Anthony Simcoe's comedic reaction to his partner's increasing enjoyment. John suggests thinking of razor blades.

Aeryn and Sikozou decide to go off to infiltrate the feminist cell leaving the guys behind with a yell of Jirl Power, which totally frustrates John's sensibilities about Aeryn learning English. But the guys have their own situation when an officer comes in looking for a solution for his sore zirkinbobs.

Since Tumi was all tied up, Rygel assumes the role of Doctor as the girls are being beaten up and the guys are feeling it. Sikozu even gets her finger chopped off, something she volunteers for since unlike Aeryn, her appendages can be re-attached. When the soldier leaves Rygel and John decide to rescue the girls while in disguise as women. Who knew John was vain? But it's hard to get a dress for a six-foot guy with size 13 feet. Purple was not his color.

Catherine Bruce, a long-time Scaper, bought the purple velvet dress with metal wrist cuffs, necklace, and crown at the 2005 Farscape con. She looked great in it, being six feet tall herself.

Ben says they shot the bar scene where John and Rygel in those truly ugly disguises try to infiltrate the terrorist cell in a seedy part of Sydney. He would have to walk from his trailer past a construction crew. One evening, a working transvestite crossed paths with Ben when he was in drag with a long-haired wig and makeup and they both walked past the construction workers. Ben was expecting to hear cat calls. He was so annoyed that the transvestite with a five-o'clock shadow got calls but not him (which nicely illustrates just how ugly a woman he made).

Back at the bar, as the guys were feeling sicker, the officer with the zirkinbob problem propositions John and then reveals he recognizes his real name. Luckily, Rygel has snurched the mollusks and the girls get free. John can't resist revealing where he kept his guns.

In the end, Tumi did reveal the antidote, which of course was really gross (drinking each other's piss), after Rygel bit his nose off and had force-fed him half a mollusk and threw the other half out into the garbage.

All that was left was to hold hands until a sticky, slimed residue appeared on hands. John treated this like a Southern Baptist meeting much to the chagrin of Aeryn who had to hold Rygel's paw.

John was still on the Lakka but seemed to have a lot of emotions over what was going on. Oh, and Scorpius saved the day by killing a high ranking military officer and ate and threw up each mollusk.

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  •   Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Dead Still
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Ever since this episode was broadcast, Scaper women have yelled, "Yeah, Jirl Power!"

Rita Lewis
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