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Television shows where Ben was a cast member.
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Farscape (1 discussions)

Ben played John Crichton in the show, Farscape for four years. Farscape was a co-production of The Henson Company, Channel 9 in Australia, The SciFi Channel (now called SyFy) and The Hallmark Company. The show had a rocky life and due to business complications of The Henson Company's then parent company EMI Germany as well as the cost of making the show, it was canceled in its fourth of a planned five or six-year run. Fans ran a strong "Save Farscape" campaign and brought foreign investors to Brian Henson of the Henson Company (who had bought back their company from the floundering German organization) and a concluding miniseries was filmed in 2004 called Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. 
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Stargate SG-1 (0 discussions)

Ben auditioned for the role of John Sheppard in a new spinoff of Stargate SG-1 called Stargate Atlantis but he was unable to take the job due to the filming of Peacekeeper Wars. Bridge Studios' producers kept him in mind and in 2005 when Richard Dean Andersen decided to leave the role of O'Neill, they cast Ben as a new team leader to be named Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell. The show lasted another two years and Claudia Black joined the cast as a full-time member named Vala Maldoran in the final season. There were two made-for-TV movies called Ark of Truth and Continuum that were also sold as DVDs shot in 2007 where Ben reprised his character of Cameron Mitchell. 
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Ben's movie roles
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Bad Kids Go To Hell (0 discussions)

Ben was cast as Max Rainwater, a rather dim but mysterious Native American janitor in the movie based on a best-selling graphic novel by Barry Wernick. Ben described the role as a type of Boo Radley figure from To Kill A Mockingbird.
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Dead Still (0 discussions)

Ben played the lead in this horror movie by The Booth Brothers. The movie is about a wedding photographer played by Ben who inherits a decrepit mansion and its contents from his great-grandfather (played by Ray Wise), including an old-fashioned box camera. When he uses the camera, people he loves begin to die. One day, his son disappears into the camera and Brandon (Ben Browder) must enter the realm of death photography to rescue him.
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Guardians Of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (0 discussions)

The continuing saga of Peter Quill and his compatriots, Rocket, Gamora, Drax and Groot sees Ben take a cameo role of the Sovereign Admiral.
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Adventures Of Roborex (0 discussions)

Ben plays the father, Robert Miller, in this children's movie about a boy and his robot dog who go on a quest to find out what happened to his mother who disappeared.
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A Killer Within (0 discussions)

Ben plays Sam Moss, the partner in a Dallas, Texas law firm and best friends with C. Thomas Howell's character who's married to a boozy, child-abusing wife played by Sean Young. Sam and his wife, played by DeeDee Phieffer, take care of their best friends and the young son. There is a murder and C. Thomas Howell is the main suspect. Through the many twists and turns of this movie, written by a Farscape and Ben Browder fan and directed by Brad Keller, Ben's character is a major player.
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Boogie Boy (0 discussions)

A truly trashy B-Level movie where Ben plays a yuppie killer who is the brother of someone the protagonists killed during a failed drug buy. 
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Nevada (0 discussions)

This is a feminist film about a mysterious woman who comes to a small town in Nevada who's women are basically abandoned weekly when the men, including Ben who plays Shelby, go off to work.
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Outlaws And Angels (0 discussions)

Ben was cast in a major departure from his typically leading man or good-guy roles as George Tildon and transformed himself physically to play this New Mexico preacher and family man in an indie western written, produced and directed by JT Mollner. The film was brutal and Ben's character truly despicable. 
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Guest Star Roles (0 discussions)

Television episodes where Ben was a guest star.
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CSI: Dead Woods (0 discussions)

Ben plays Randy Pruitt, the owner of a gun club, in this episode of the long-running police procedural.
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Arrow: Trust But Verify (0 discussions)

Ben plays the commanding officer of Diggle, Ted Gaynor, who offers Diggle a job with his shipping firm which turns out to be a violent robbery gang. 
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Arrow: Suicide Squad (0 discussions)

Ben reprises his role of Ted Gaynor in a flashback of himself and Diggle rescuing an Arab dignitary in Afghanistan in this second season episode.
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Directing, Producing & Writing (0 discussions)

Ben has become a multi-faceted player performing production, direction and writing roles for films, web series and television.
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Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy (0 discussions)

Ben directed and reprised his role of Max Rainwater in this sequel to Bad Kids Go To Hell.
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Made For TV Movies (0 discussions)

Ben played roles in many made-for-television movies that either were one-shots or pilots for potential television shows. 

Miscellaneous Productions (0 discussions)

Video games, cartoon voice work, audiobooks and other types of acting work.

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