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Bad Kids Go To Hell (2014)


One day on FaceBook, we got a call to go and post on a new Producer's group who was asking for actor's names to play an unnamed role in a horror movie with the ominous name of Bad Kids Go To Hell. We knew Ben's director from A Killer Within, Brad Keller, was helping produce the movie which was to be based on a graphic novel by two guys from Dallas, Tx. So we did what Scapers do and "puppy piled™" about Ben Browder and he was cast. 

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Dead Still


The Booth Brothers are famous for producing, writing and directing very gory horror films that win awards within this genre. Dead Still came about because they became fascinated in the 19th Century Victorian practice of making "Death Photos" whereby the photographer would pose dead people as if they were living. Because they are horror film aficionados, they of course wrote and directed a film that deals with a haunted camera that needs bodies so causes terrible deaths of anyone who gets their picture taken using an ancient camera.

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Stargate: Continuum is a brilliant, poignant and bittersweet film, both for its remarkable story and for the fact that it is the last of the Stargate films ever made. It is the ultimate "You can't go home again" tale, as Cameron Mitchell finds himself trapped in an alternate timeline and eventually, the past, unable to ever see his friends or family again.

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Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy


Max Rainwater is a mysterious guy. In 2013, Ben described the role as playing Boo Radley of To Kill A Mockingbird. That was for the first time he played the character in Bad Kids Go To Hell which was a gory horror film. Ben's Max was the comedic relief in some ways with his moving things around and his dim responses to anyone who spoke to him. Yet, even in that movie there were hints that there was more to him than met the eye. Why was a janitor allowed in the Headmaster's office handling files? Why was he in the library and what's with the roaches he seemed to command?

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Ark Of Truth


The first of two movies made by Bridge Studios based on the television version of Stargate was Ark of Truth which finished the story of the Ori. I admit that the bastardized version of the Matter of Britain: Merlin, Arthur, Morgaine Le Fay and all left me cold so I skip the pieces that take place on the same fake medieval village set that they used in all the Season 9 and 10 episodes.

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