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Farscape Re-Watch: Kansas

Patricia Lynn Vanover watched Kansas. Crichton's concentration on HOME while transversing the wormholes leads to Earth only he screwed the pooch -- arriving BEFORE he left, a big no-no according to Einstein. It's 1985 and John Crichton is 16 years old and a mess. And Dad in this Unrealized Reality is going to die in the Challenger explosion causing untold trauma to the timelines of John's "family" on Moya and his future self.
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Terra Firma: Series 4, Episode 13

terra-firma_34874883842_o has an interesting entry from its recap of Terra Firma that I want to talk about here. Dad has become Jack in this episode. According to tvtropes, "The sudden switch in nickname or honorific when referring to a character, usually from their family name to their given name, is frequently used to demonstrate a significant change in the relationship between two characters, the desire for one by one party, that they have evaded listeners who require more formality, or that they are Not Themselves. Never using any formal indicators and just calling a character by their exact name is about as common to show the same thing."

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Kansas: Series 4, Episode 12


Farscape did something unprecedented in standard television shows: they took John Crichton home to Earth before the end of the show. This two-part visit to Earth was bittersweet and difficult and not the joyous visits that you would think would happen. That's another Farscapean trope. You can't go home again.

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