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Here's where you can read reviews and critiques of Ben's many years of performances. You'll find his TV show episodes, movie and guest star reviews as well as discussions of personal appearances.

R.A. Goodyear is an author, screenwriter, ghostwriter, editor and book/film reviewer with over twelve years' experience, including positions in two independent publishing houses. Rebekah has published several articles, blogs, poems, and citations under her own name, and ghostwritten various novels and two screenplays. Her passions include science fiction and fantasy, Farscape, Stargate SG-1, literature, filmmaking, music and art, and her favourite actor is Ben Browder. She is currently working on her own novel and the accompanying screenplay, and aspires to see her work on television in the near future. Rebekah lives in Western Canada with her husband, two small children, and three crazy cats.


Owner of a boutique web design and social media company, Words To Web, Inc. for the past 26 years specializing in creating and managing websites for independent films, small businesses and non-profits using Joomla! and WordPress integrated to social media for a turnkey marketing package.

Farscape fan and anthropology geek with a strong interest in science fiction, fantasy and Celtic mythology. Wife and mother with two grown daughters and two cats.

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We are a fan site completely unaffiliated with Ben Browder or his management. We created the website to augment our fan page on Facebook, Ben Browder News, as a place where you can read the reviews, opinions, and news published for the past few years as well as gain access to the other wonderful websites concerning the career of Ben Browder. The editors of Ben Browder News wish to thank our fellow fans for their talent and creativity and we hope we are adding to the accumulated information supporting Ben's amazing acting, writing, directing and producing career.

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