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Memphis Belle (1990)

Memphis Belle is a British movie with an all-star cast including Matthew Modine, David Strathairn, Billy Zane, Sean Astin, Reed Diamond, Eric Stoltz, John Lithgow, and directed by Michael Caton-Jones.

 The first time I sat down to watch Avalon, I must confess I was slightly dubious. I had spent eight seasons getting to know Richard Dean Anderson's character Jack O'Neill, and I was a little sad that he was leaving. Until Ben Browder as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell strode into the Gateroom in full blue Air Force dress uniform and crouched down to touch the Stargate in silent reverence, his eyes reflecting a solemnity, awe and haunted memories even before the flashbacks were shown to establish him as the hero of the Battle of Antarctica.
When I was a child, my favourite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he'd seen. A man who fell from the stars.  A Town Called Mercy is a wonderful episode of Doctor Who and part of the reason is that Ben brought verisimilitude to his role of the world-weary but extremely competent sheriff.
Off the Grid is famous for the scene where Ben as Cameron Mitchell decides - against the advice of his team - to pose as a drug lord, while trying to gather intel about the Kassa corn operation, a genetically engineered vegetable with a highly addictive substance. To quote Cameron, it's "evil Orville Redenbacher."
Mental As Anything is D'Argo's revenge story. Because Scorpius arranged for advanced training with an alien named Katoya, poor John has a special nasty Scarren training he's forced into. I always focus on his torture/training and skip D'Argo's trials fighting Macton.
Die Me Dichotomy is the perfect double entendres title for this harrowing extreme cliffhanger to the second season of Farscape. David Kemper, Executive Producer, and writer of this episode that sees Harvey finally take over John Crichton body and soul despite the efforts of Aeryn and the crew to help him stop the madness. It sees Ben Browder play a distraught John who can't even pull the trigger of his pulse pistol to end his misery plus who is able to play John as Harvey and has Wayne Pygram's unique speech patterns and walk so down that they had to step back from the full Scorpius costume when a British fan magazine published Ben's photo rather than Wayne's for the episode. 
The commentary to A Human Reaction is brilliant. Ben and Claudia dissect the episode which is directed by Rowan Woods and given a distinctive indie movie feel. Ben was very sick with an infection from surfing and kept lying down between takes. That gives him the pale, gaunt look we see throughout the episode.

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